Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why I Write

So after my first attempt at a novel (and it failed to get published), I still continued to write novels through high school. None of them really saw the light of day, and it should stay that way. I still wrote a lot of romance. I also took my first stab at speculative fiction. I wrote a post-apocalyptic novel where a comet hit the earth and destroyed civilization as we know it. The story was about the survivors. My creative writing teacher may have read parts of this book.

I also liked writing notes to friends, like most teenagers. Sometimes I would write stories in my notes serially. One story would take five or six notes to get through the whole thing. I would end each note on a cliff-hanger in the story and my friends would beg for the next installment.

I loved that I was entertaining my friends and that they got so wrapped up in the story and were interested in the characters.

I still believe that writing is a communication, an interaction, and hopefully, a connection between writer and reader. Making that connection, providing some new insight into humanity that is ultimately my goal through story telling.

I write to entertain. I write to expose. I write to raise questions. I write to invite people to think. I write to stir emotion. I write to relate.