Bio Page

Hello! I have loved writing since I was in elementary school. I remember writing "books" on little pads of paper in second grade. In third grade, I wrote my first book complete with illustrations and placed in a binder.

I hope I've made some progress since then. In high school, I participated in the literary magazine. I had some short stories and poems published in this magazine. While at college, I wrote a poem for a contest and won.

Once I made it into the adult world, things got busier and the competition stiffer. I joined the League of Utah Writers and that put me in touch with other writers. My poems and stories placed in state-wide competitions associated with this organization.

I've also had countless rejection letters and felt discouraged, but I've kept at it. It's what I do and it's who I am.

I am recently beginning to find glimmers of success with my writing and hope that it continues. Either way, I'll still be here scribbling away.