Sunday, October 6, 2013


My agent is happy with the re-writes I've made to my book. Now I've got to take another stab at the title. It's gone from Perception to Injected to Uploaded. Titles are really tough. A title should sum up your book and entice readers to buy all in a very few words. I've had some decent ideas, Empires of the Mind, Merge, The Immortality Proposition, to downright lame ones, Horrible Imaginings, Lucid Head. All part of the process.

Titles make my head hurt.

I tried bouncing some title possibilities off my husband and he just stared at me. This creative stuff baffles his engineer brain and he's no help. He reminded me that I've got this awesome writer's group, people with very creative minds, who could help me with this process. So I guess I'll create a list of possibilities and see what my group says later this week.