Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No Stranger to Rejection

During my college days, I wrote several short stories. Once I graduated, was married and working fulltime in a marketing department, I pulled those short stories back out, polished them up and even wrote a couple more. The I started shopping them around.

I lost count of how many places I sent them. I filled two or three printed sheets of an excel spreadsheet of where I kept track of it all. One by one, I recieved form letter after form letter of rejections.  "Thank you for thinking of us, but . . .," "not right for us . . .," "does not fill our needs at this time . . .," etc.

I did get an occasional "encouraging" rejection: a rejection with personal comment. Even though it was a "no," the editor had still taken the time to hand write a note or make some personal comment.

For years, that was all I had to hang on to, encouraging rejections.

I kept writing.